Starfield 2015

Starfield was a personal adventure into programming. Done entirely in Processing, I did the art assets and coding required to make this endless runner-style mini game. The idea is to collect as many bright stars as you can. For each "Good" star you collect, the speed and amount of "Bad" stars increases. If you collect three "Bad" stars, you lose.

Moon Bound 2017

Moon Bound was a game made by myself and a four other friends to see what we could crank out in roughly seven weeks. For this project, I was acting Producer, Art Director, and Concept Artist - with any small team, there were a lot of hats and not quite enough people to wear them, so we all had a lot of jobs. 

For Art Direction we looked at Alphonse Mucha/Art Nouveau for color palettes and style. Here are some examples from our art bible highlighting specific things we were going to look at to bring into our game.

Final Screenshots from our game showing the environment and color choices that were made.