Sarah McNamara

Commissioned by the L.A.M.A. of Savannah to design a shirt for this particular branch of the society while employed at JDX, Inc. - a print shop working with the police and small businesses of the surrounding area. While this was inspired by other branches of the L.A.M.A., all of the assets/artwork were made custom through Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 


Morph Mixology is a snake breeder who has both a podcast and Youtube channel. He reached out looking for someone familiar with graphic design to rework his logo into something neon-themed to replace his old opening on his videos.
Creating this utilized Adobe Illustrator to rework his pre-existing logo while the animation was done in Adobe After Effects.

Lunae Exotics wound up being a personal side project for me while trying to make an online presence for my reptile hobby. The initial image was what I was working with which incorporated several elements I was looking for - primarily the color scheme of a purple/silver snake, and moon imagery.
Some sketches later and I landed on a design I felt properly conveyed the mood behind Lunae Exotics. I also made a wider graphic for headers/footers on webpages, and a small, circular logo to use as a profile image on various social media sites.
This project was done in Illustrator.

While this was an old project for school I still love showcasing the Alphonse Mucha style emulation. This was done in Photoshop and was a complete redraw of the Absinthe Robette advert. 

Moonbound was the name of a game I worked on with several classmates, and in addition to art direction and a whole myriad of other tasks, I also was tasked with setting up our website.

I explored several options in regards to color palette since the overall layout/content of the website had been decided upon prior.

For reference, the website can still be viewed at Moonboundgame.wix


Each project requires its own unique art style, and I am always up to doing style tests for clients. If you would like to discuss a potential project, please feel free to e-mail me at my address listed above!